Sometimes you feel like a nut..

.. and sometimes you don’t! Now that you mention it, I could go for an Almond Joy.

Today was apparently one of those feel-like-a-nut days, as I gave in to the urge to make some little almond earrings. I made two pairs, and they came out great! I’m glad I followed the whim.

Here’s a couple photos:

Clay Almond Earrings on Sterling Hooks

Clay Almond Earrings on Sterling Hooks

If you’re interested in more info on these little nut earrings, feel free to check out the listing here:

In other news, I’ve added the Fall Bridal Collection to my main website, and currently I’m about 98% done with my Winter Bridal Collection! I expect to photograph the collection sometime in the first half of September, and should have it listed by October. There’s a photoshoot in the works – it should be beautiful. I’m looking forward to it!